The Modern Commute

eDrift bikes, boards, and scooters were designed with the modern urban landscape in mind. They help you get from here to there and back again safely, efficiently, and enjoyably, even when between here and there is traffic, construction, busy sidewalks, bikers, busses, parks, and everything else. Rain or shine, uphill or down, mile after mile, with a set of eDrift  wheels, you'll be ready roll.

eDrift vehicles are compact and many fold down smaller still. This lets you carry your ride onto the subway or up the stairs to your office or apartment, and it lets you stash your wheels in the hall closet, under a dorm room bed, or next to your desk at work. Our vehicles are fast, because who has time for slow, and safe, because things happen fast out there in the city. Responsive brakes, running lights, durable materials, and reliable motors all work together to make sure you get there in one piece.

With their battery-powered electric motors, eDrift vehicles are always ready to roll and always easy to charge, all you need is a standard outlet. And of course electric power also means that commute of yours is carbon neutral, as eDrift vehicles are 100% emission-free.

Oh, and they're fun, too, because who ever said you can't have fun while commuting to work? Probably someone sitting in traffic or crammed into the corner of a subway car.