Earth Friendly

There's enough carbon out there already, so choose a vehicle that doesn't add more. eDrift bikes, scooters, and skateboards are 100% emission-free, contributing no harmful greenhouse gasses or pollution of any kind even as they zip you along for mile after mile at top speed. Battery-powered electric vehicles might seem like the stuff of the future, but in fact they're ready to roll today. And the more people who turn to electric vehicles, the brighter and cleaner that future is going to be.

Our vehicles use high performance brushless electric motors that efficiently convert battery power into motion. And those batteries charge up quickly using any standard outlet, so you'll never have to worry about having enough juice for the next ride. Don't think that eco-friendly can't mean fast and exciting, by the way. Many eDrift vehicles cruise at speeds over 20 miles per hour, and all of them are rugged enough for use by full sized adults and on the varied, often rough terrain of the urban landscape.

Turns out having high-speed fun can be carbon neutral. Which is nice, right?