Adventure Ready

It's a big world out there, folks, and there's a lot to see and do. You can see and do a whole lot more when you're zipping around town on an eDrift vehicle, covering mile after mile at enough miles per hour to get your heart pumping and a smile on your face.

Our electric scooters, bikes, and skateboards are designed to make motion fun.  When you and the gang are heading out to explore a city, you'll cover more ground and have more fun when you roll with eDrift vehicles.  When you're cruising down park paths or along the boardwalk, you'll cruise in style and with plenty of pep when a top quality electric motor is doing the work for you. And who knew the commute to work could be the best time of the day? Anyone who has zipped past rush hour traffic on an eDrift bike or zoomed past pedestrians on a powered skateboard, that's who.

eDrift  vehicles are powerful and rugged, able to climb hills, ready to handle rough road, and capable of covering many miles between charges. They are designed to accommodate full-grown adults of all sizes and ready for years of daily use. Whether you use an eDrift vehicle for weekend recreation or as your go-to transportation for the daily commute, you're doing it right.