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Our goal is to get you from here to there in eco-friendly excellence.

Maybe you're a cross-town commuter looking for the best way to get to work or class. Maybe you and the gang want to stir up some excitement this weekend. Maybe you love the earth and hate carbon emissions, but you've still got things to do, places to be, and people to see. Or maybe you've just got the need for speed.

Well guess what? There's an eDrift vehicle for all of you.

Our electric skateboards, bikes, and scooters were designed with active, adventurous, and eco-conscious adults in mind. They're fast, easy to use, environmentally-friendly, and tons of fun. eDrift e-vehicles are also compact and portable, perfect for the urban environment.

Why did we decide to specialize in high-tech, compact electric vehicles? We started the company because we value products at the perfect intersection of science and design; products that satisfy the varied wants and needs of many people. Like, for example, you need to get to school or to the office, but you don't want to walk fifteen blocks or take a crowded subway, right? So why not roll in style on a folding e-bike? Or maybe you want to have lots of fun with your free time, but you need an e-vehicle that fits under the bed in your dorm room. Sounds like an electric longboard or hoverboard is just about right.

The guys behind eDrift were born and raised in the city. We know that the urban environment can be the most exhilarating, exciting place to be, but that it also comes with limitations. There are crowds on the sidewalks that prevent the use of a full-sized bicycle; there's no parking for your car and such snarled traffic that driving is no good anyway. There are the cramped and often delayed public transit options. There are a million things to do but so few good ways to get to them all. Unless you take the modern approach to movement and go compact and electric -- and that doesn't mean you can't enjoy plenty of speed and power.

eDrift products merge the latest in battery and electric motor technology with the finest physical materials, from alloy steels to carbon fiber, in order to create the best compact electric transportation devices on the market today. They're fast, fun, and eco-friendly, too. So hop on and take off

This board is Amazing it’s incredibly fast very fun especially off-roading take some time to get used to I would recommend buying bindings keyboard comes pre-drill with normal stance it is very heavy 50 pounds to be exact will do a follow up


I jumped at the chance to have one of the best electric scooters on the market today at this low price ! So i ordered one and it arrives in perfect condition ! I was very impressed with the steel shipping gage it was packaged in. I thought to my shelf that this is a really good company for the scooter. After the unwrapping i could see that this is a really well made machine solid with all Steele constructed frame no cheap plastic anywhere. This bike is absolutely beautiful!!! The bike was all charged up so i.took.it for a test.drive and man oh man is this baby fast ! Really fast! Everything is perfect buy one you wont be sorry ! I promise you

Ryan K.

You ever ridden an electric scooter that feels like it could survive the toughest adventures with you on it? You haven't? Well my review reader, this is that bike and you should get it.

David B.